To unleash the full impact of agility is the usage cross your enterprise needed. Outgoing of your status and size means this little or bigger steps forward. This foundation is focussed together with your objectives, amounts and other constellations in your environment. To achieve this goal is the following process required.

We commence together with a first meeting, where we rough discuss your objectives, our solution approach and the amount of your contribution.

During a 2-day-Workshop we dive deeper together with your core-team into your status quo, your objectives, needs and the ´why yet´. As supporting advantage we get an impression of our potential collaboration.

Recommended is the possibility to observe your internal processes and behaviors during relevant situations in a maximum amount of 3 days for an agreed timeframe.

The usage of one of our simulations have a catalytic impact on your team. Inherent behaviours will emerge as well as identified areas for a movement. 

Offered options are:

Based on all the elicited and observed information we create an agile Roadmap for your aims with a maximum perspective of 2 years transformation.

The outcomes will be compared and maybe justified with your core-team and following with the potential executive council of the transformation. Enabled with this results we are both able to begin with the tranformation-steps.

Option 1: Initial consultation - 2-day workshop - Rough concept - Adjustment

Option 2: Initial consultation - 2-day workshop - Simulation - Rough concept - Adjustment

Option 3: Initial consultation - 2-day workshop - Surveillance - Rough concept - Adjustment

Option 4: Initial consultation - 2-day workshop - Simulation - Surveillance - Rough concept - Adjustment