In order to keep up with growing demand, the owner wants to construct 3 new properties over the next 4 years. As a result of these plans, additional plots of land have been purchased.

The owner has commissioned a management committee for these plans, specifying a fixed delivery date and total budget. Opening on time is critical. Some of the new facilities are already fully booked. A further property is intended to to be the first of its kind in a new region. Delays in the opening phase would have a catastrophic effect on both image and business. Sales and marketing are planning the necessary campaigns.

The success of this company simulation exercise will be measured by the amount of revenue generated by the TOPMeeting location after a period of 4 years.

This means that the project team is responsible for establishing tender documents, drawing up contractual specifications, preparing suitable project schedules, defining controlling tools, and putting together a high-performance project organisation. They are also in charge of purchasing, accounting and ensuring that quality meets with the agreed standards, as well as making sure that the companies maintains the strategic direction outlined at the beginning.

Participants must complete this wide range of tasks in line with the company's project management guidelines, which were at CMMI level 1 before the start of the project. During the preparation phase, it was decided to raise the standard of these guidelines to level 2, while simultaneously carrying out the other tasks related to the project. The aim here is to carry out process improvements to ensure achievement of the target. During implementation of the project, participants are required to prove their achievement of level 2.

Target audience

  • Junior and senior project/programme/portfolio managers
  • Quality managers
  • Project, programme and portfolio offices

Combining this method

This simulative workshop is particularly effective when used in connection with programme or portfolio management.

LevelDaysFace-to-face trainingLanguages
1 Group13450,00German/English
Individual1 480,00German/English

We are able to tailor courses to accommodate more comprehensive requirements.


All amounts exclude VAT at 20%.

Scope/learning objectives

  • Expressing customer expectations and transforming these into effective project management tools (project schedule, work packages, versioning, quality criteria, contracts, etc.).
  • Experiencing the effect of processes for planning and product delivery, and the influence these have on the success of the company.
  • Dealing with change processes and company developments.
  • Exploring and experiencing the effects of one's actions while striving to reach level two, based on the 7 CMMI processes.
  • Perceiving and reflecting upon one's own role and the adoption of this role.
  • Requirements for increasing project performance and the resulting added value for the company by means of continual process development.


  • Challenge management
  • Project planning
  • Monitoring and controlling projects
  • Supplier management and purchasing
  • Measuring and analysis
  • Quality assurance of processes and products
  • Configuration management

Participants are recommended to study the information available at

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