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Challenge of Egypt™ – an interactive workshop for developing project processes and teamwork

The benefits that Challenge of Egypt can bring to your organisation all depend on the the way in which you approach project management. This can be illustrated by the following examples:

  • You introduce "Challenge of Egypt" as a tool to help your company successfully implement new methods of project management  (raising awareness).
  • You assess the quality of your current project management methods (assessment).
  • You see the workshop as an opportunity to try out the theoretical knowledge you have gained from project management courses in practice. Once the project has been evaluated, you will know which criteria are important for the successful implementation of project management or project-related work in your organisation (reinforcing the transfer of theory into practice).
  • You haven't implemented any project management method yet and see "Challenge of Egypt" as a tool with which you can gauge the benefits of a methodological approach and the benefits that your organisation could gain from it.
  • You can also use this workshop for training soft skills – essential for successful projects.

"Challenge of Egypt" is delivered as either a standard or agile edition.

Target audience

  • Junior and senior project managers
  • Management teams
  • Team managers
  • Project members (specialists)

Combining this method

This simulative workshop is particularly effective when used in connection with project management.


Level Days Face-to-face training Languages
1 Group 1 3450,00 German/English
Individual 1  480,00 German/English

We are able to tailor courses to accommodate more comprehensive requirements.

All amounts exclude VAT at 20%.

Scope/learning objectives

  • The practical implementation of the world's most widespread project management model.
  • Establishment of a project organisation with corresponding roles, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Analysis of risks that pose a threat to the project and the finding of counteractive measures.
  • Distribution of work packages and monitoring the schedule as a team manager.
  • Monitoring of tolerance limits (money, time, scope and quality).
  • Solving problems arising with the project.
  • Leading a project as a project manager.
  • Dealing with unexpected changes to the project.
  • The correct interaction with the management committee or project outsourcer.
  • Evaluating the project.


Additional information

  • The team consists of between 8 and 12 people.
  • Participants complete different tasks.
  • A number of these tasks will be completed as a team.
  • Other jobs will be taken on by specific roles.
  • The construction of the pyramids is simulated with building blocks.
  • The team managers build a pyramid hands-on while the project manager manages the project. Construction will be affected by specific incidents, to which the project team need to react accordingly.

Participants are recommended to study the information available at

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