Although the concept is timeless, the term was originally coined by Robert K. Greenleaf. His first publication on this subject explained that

"The servant leader is servant first." This stems from the idea that the initial fundamental approach later becomes a conscious choice. This philosophy forms a sharp contrast to those who exhibit a leader-first focus, later mustering support to allow them to exploit their control. These two types of leader are extreme opposites.  Between the two, there is only a shady, blurred area.

A servant leader focuses primarily on growth and on the well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. The servant leader shares power voluntarily, and puts the needs of others first.

Target audience

  • Participants with project management experience
  • Senior project managers
  • Line managers involved in projects
  • Programme and portfolio offices
  • Programme managers
  • Project consultants

This approach differs significantly in its application and is the cause of much debate. Existing ways of thinking will be overturned.

Combining this method

LevelDaysFace-to-face trainingExaminationsLanguagese-learning
Foundation1430.00--EnglishBlended learning
Key Practices1430.00--EnglishBlended learning
Implementation1430.00--EnglishBlended learning

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These training sessions will be run by our partner, Greenleaf Academy.

Servant leadership can be found at all levels, and within all roles, of the project management structure.

Key topics

  • Definition of success factors
  • Comparison with conventional methods
  • Close integration of all stakeholders

Topics in detail

  • General overview
  • Examination of the Servant Leadership philosophy
  • Defining boundaries
  • Contact with stakeholders
  • Fields of application
  • Putting theory into practice, based on individual cases

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