Agility is well known, there are even agile contracts to manage agile cooperations. However, the way how we get there today  (RfI > RfP > LoI) can't really handle the complexity in an appropriate way. Furthermore it's not agile nor lean unfortunately. Lean-Agile Procurement is a new, exciting simple approach for procurement, that makes fun. It's based on agile and lean principles and focus to the business value and the people involved. The results will surprise you!-Lead time of sourcing a new partner is reduced to days, most important customer problems are solved first and the risk -to evaluate the wrong partner- is minimized.

Target audiences

  • Projekt-, Programm- und Portfoliobüros
  • AgilePM®-Anwender
  • Task-Leader
  • Scrum-Master
  • Product-Owner
  • Agile Coaches


The complex world makes other demands on procurement as well. Thus all methods, where procurement is necessary, are also here in the field of vision.