Established goals and an effective meeting culture have long been considered key requirements for the successful management of projects.

By focusing on the implementation process, facilitation uncovers innovative ways of reaching goals together, based on the principle of more global support and an awareness of the effect of one's actions.

The Workshop Facilitator has long been recognised as an important role and is considered a key individual in AgilePM. Facilitation clearly defines this function and, with the help of different models, provides an in-depth explanation of how this function can be integrated into everyday operations.
Those who are serious about achieving successful projects will soon recognise the advantages of facilitation. Results are proven, particularly in complex and unsettled environments.

Target audience

  • Participants with experience as workshop facilitators or moderators
  • Junior and senior project/programme/portfolio managers
  • Line managers involved in projects
  • Project, programme and portfolio offices
  • AgilePM® users
  • Task-Leader
  • Task leaders
  • Business development managers
  • Change managers
  • Process managers

Combining this method

Workshop facilitation is a major advantage in the preparation phase of any project. The role is an integral part of an agile environment and is a key technique used in the facilitated workshop.

LevelDaysFace-to-face trainingExaminationsLanguagese-learning
Foundation & Practitioner combined52880.00555.00German/EnglishNo

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Participants are only eligible for a more advanced level of exam in a specific methodology if they have successfully passed the exam at the level immediately beneath it. Trainees wishing to sit exams above the Practitioner level are required to hold Registered Practitioner Status (i.e. the last Practioner exam should have been passed within the last 5 years).

  • Formats
  • Task and Process
  • Task Leader's Role
  • Facilitator's Role
  • Process Iceberg® Model
  • Process Models and Tools:
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
  • Task Tools
  • Process Iceberg® Review
  • Check understanding
  • Planning and Developing the Agenda Process
  • Facilitating the Event
  • Contracted Roles of the Facilitator and the Group
  • Hamburg Research
  • The Process Iceberg® Meeting/ Workshop Model
  • Process Iceberg® Organisational Model
  • Facilitator's Profile


This course is based on the books by Tony Mann – Strategic Resource Facilitators –  and the APMG syllabus.

Participants are recommended to study the information available at or 

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