Agile Portfolio Management (AgilePfM™) ensures that business change strategy remains under continuous review and coordinates the changes needed to reflect shifts in the business environment.  It ensures that strategic goals are clearly articulated to provide an essential focus for all business change and enable a foundation for approving, prioritising and governing such work within a broad portfolio of Programmes, Projects and Continual Improvement initiatives. 

Whilst an Agile approach to change initiatives is becoming prevalent, organisations may struggle to reflect this agility at the portfolio level. Practices such as annual budgeting, fixed planning and rigid strategy definition can, at best, limit the effectiveness of Agile delivery and, at worst, negate it all together.

Agile Portfolio Management addresses these challenges and defines an Agile approach at portfolio level that supports agility at the project and programme levels enabling organisations to maximise value from their portfolio investment.

Target audience

  • Portfolio managers
  • Project offices
  • Governance responsibilities

Combining this method

Linking this together with AgilePM®, the AgilePgM® or AgileBA® approach, equips trainees with a complementary set of skills for tackling diverse challenges.

LevelDaysFace-to-face trainingExaminationsLanguagese-learning
  • Rolling planning
  • Constant feedback
  • Cultural aspects
  • Capacity planning
  • Appropriate amount of information
  • Principles

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