Agility is used since the early 90´s. This training is created to introduce agility and compare the different methods with themselves and classical frameworks. 

Especially focussed are hapticval experiences based on a lot of practical exercises,

Target audience

  • Participants with experiences at each level in  project-, programme- or portfolio-management 
  • Line managers involved in projects
  • Project, programme and portfolio offices
  • Staff units or cells out of organisations
  • Decider
  • Coaches, Mentors
  • Change-managers

Combining this method 

As basic step is this course a perfect advice to combine it with everyone else. A particularly enlightening highlight of this course is dealing with a scenario using Challenge of Egypt® Agile.

LevelDaysFace-to-face trainingExaminationsLanguagese-learning

All amounts exclude VAT at 20%.

  • Basics
  • Agile Frameworks
  • Peoples
  • Plannig & Measurement
  • Requirements
  • Prioritisation
  • Special Practices
  • Retrospektive


Combined with a lot of exercises.