The most crucial ressource is systematically supplied. In our trainings (presence/virtual) we impart contents of professional methods understable and practical.

Agile Introduction - what are characteristicas and which methods are part of the game?

Agility is used since the early 90´s. This training is created to introduce agility and compare the different methods with themselves and classical frameworks. 

Especially focussed are hapticval experiences based on a lot of practical exercises,

Target audience

  • Participants with experiences at each level in  project-, programme- or portfolio-management 
  • Line managers involved in projects
  • Project, programme and portfolio offices
  • Staff units or cells out of organisations
  • Decider
  • Coaches, Mentors
  • Change-managers

Combining this method

As basic step is this course a perfect advice to combine it with everyone else. A particularly enlightening highlight of this course is dealing with a scenario using Challenge of Egypt® Agile.

Level Days Face-to-face training Examinations Languages e-learning
Basic 2 1480.00 -- German/English No

All amounts exclude VAT at 20%.


  • Basics
  • Agile Frameworks
  • Peoples
  • Plannig & Measurement
  • Requirements
  • Prioritisation
  • Special Practices
  • Retrospektive

Combined with a lot of exercises.


We offer you a versatile support from inquiry of current state, consultations, implementation or re-energizing of project management in all characteristics to the selection of tools.

With a broad range of questions, checklists and tools we adress your task, acting as a failsafe for your projects and offer workshops for the practical implementation.

Fokus on the context! We deliver professional procedures for your content appropriate for your team. Initiating decisions and stabilize them.