Human beings are always present

Coaching for people and organisation


Your leverage effects

If you want to get to the bottom of patterns and get into the flow or strengthen it, coaching is the way to go! We support you with various methods to find relaxed and productive ways in the future.


In this case, conversations, social issues and communication take on a different depth. Conflicts can thus be comprehensively resolved. The cooperation will run much better to general satisfaction. Gates will be open due growth!



Attention, the human being is always present!

Whether we like it or not - we humans always have our psyches with us. That is why balance is so important. We therefore pay attention to ...


  • Identification of blockades
  • Understanding root causes
  • Release of tensions


All the methods in the world only make sense if you allow yourself time to find sustainable ways. Only then is full development possible!



Coaching is suitable for all participants at all levels or cells within or outside the organisation up to owners with whom relationships and/or concerns exist. Whether this is done for individuals or groups depends on the particular situation and your tasks. All coaching sessions have a primarily professional context including an individual private component.

 der mensch ist immer dabei






Framework for all our coaching sessions



Can't find the (exact) desired product? Please talk to us! The modules shown correspond to the services with the highest frequency. Again and again we adjust ourselves to special tasks separately.



All applications used are exclusively agreed individually.

Booking details

In a first conversation we will talk about your needs. We are also interested in why you are contacting us right now and the relevant history to date. Afterwards we will talk about all further steps.



Coaching takes place directly with you or at an independent location. Sometimes also virtually.





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