Flexible, all-round practicable organisation design for people and organisation in flow - lived corporate agility.
We train, support and accompany.

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Viable Projects GmbH is the only service provider for organic organisational development in German-speaking countries.

We focus on the flexible and everyday design of people and organisations in a state of flux. We train, supervise and accompany with responsibility. The response of our clients is what drives us.

We have been supporting companies in achieving organisation-wide agility for many years. Practicality is our highest premise. We know the switches of success in depth. Effective results are our goal. Our immense experience and accreditations support us in this. That is why we are able to provide essential tips for everyday life. We address all the task areas from the word cloud that are repeatedly brought to us




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We are considered an insider tip because of our commitment, the degree of listening as well as the reliability.

Our trainings & coachings for structure and behaviour are based on ingenious, simple and proven methods. By implementing the multiple suggestions received from them, bureaucracy is cut to the bone. The thinking, self-directed person is set free. Work becomes a joy. Reaction times become enormously fast. The quality of content also increases. Employees want to be and stay involved. Our clients are well equipped for a dynamic environment.

Geared to desired results, we deliver individual modules or longer-term support. Often we create exactly the examples that are crucial for our clients in a flash. If not, we create alternatives together. Preferably, we provide our clients with environments to directly experience the impact of decisions. We use these insights to model them for everyday life.


We always pay attention to variety and high interaction. With us, designing is fun. We contribute to product development with our expertise, quality assurance or pioneering approaches with global partners.

We focus on all companies with knowledge work in the entire German-speaking region. We do this virtually and in presence with open or company-internal variants. Ideally, we have direct contact with the management and owners.

Depending on the arrangement, our services can be called upon on weekdays, weekends, public holidays, evenings, blocked or scattered in any combination.

Frame for our mini-workshops


Target groups

  • Entrepreneur
  • Decision makers
  • Designer
  • Product developer
  • Strategists
  • Sales & Marketing


Number of participants

Max. 12 persons - through manageable group sizes we ensure individual attention to participant requirements, a successful transfer of knowledge and thus realisable sustainability. Individual units are optional.



Each unit can be consumed in half days and is self-contained. It is often advisable to continue working on specific tasks in small groups or individually. Our customers decide whether this should be done alone, in company or as a reflection.



The respective unit is included together with the digital material used in it, excluding separate licenses.



All dates can be found at www.viableprojects.eu and in the respective mailings. Additional events for internal company groups can be arranged by appointment, tailored to the respective task. We are happy to arrange courses offline (with the very highest hygiene standards and UV-C disinfection equipment), online and hybrid at any time. The training times can also be arranged totally flexible early or late in the evening, on weekends or public holidays.


Duration + Investment

Each half-day is available for 420,00€ and for verifiable SMEs for  290,00€. For a full day, 650,00€ per participant will be charged. Everything plus 20 % VAT. For multiple bookings by corporate customers we offer attractive framework agreements and conditions.
Ask us about them!



The workshops are conducted by accredited service providers with many years of practical experience.


We offer some prepared packages and are always ready to develop a tailor-made combination for your company. Let us talk about it!






Learn more about the software we prefer and use.



With a wide range of questions, checklists and worldwide
accepted methods we address your tasks and offer
accompaniment during the practical implementation.







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01 AgileBA


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03 csm Agendashift authorised partner


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