The most crucial ressource in competition is systematically supplied. In our trainings (presence/virtual) we impart contents of professional methods understable, practical and in a very short time. Appreciative – patient - attentive!

Everything for implementation! We offer you a versatile support from inquiry of current state, consultations, implementation or re-energizing of project management in all characteristics to the selection of tools. Simple, feasible, suitable for daily use!

Creating solid bases! With a broad range of questions, checklists and tools we adress your task, acting as a failsafe for your projects and offer workshops for the practical implementation. Keeping on track!

Process attendance for stable goals! Easy access to essential ressources and important insights for your projects, programms or Portfolios of every kind. These skills furthermore have advantages. Distinct - strategic - effective!


We train, advise, guide and support – in your language!

Based on multiple practical experiences. For a maximum on effect for your customer with highest simplicity of your processes are all solutions embedded in your entire organisational system

Viable Projects

We built continously stable, viable (realisable -practicable -feasible) solution-options for your daily complex intents based on our enormous experiences.

We invest all of our energy and knowledge into our work. Where there's a will, there's a way!


The following principles form the foundation of our work: 




Art Title Level Language Date Place Training Exam
Training Agile Einführung Foundation Deutsch 14.–15.01.2019 Wien € 1.680,00 -- book
Training AgileDS Foundation Deutsch 21.–23.01.2019 Wien € 1.680,00 € 235,00 book
Training AgileDS Practitioner Deutsch 24.–25.01.2019 Wien € 1.480,00 € 320,00 book
Training Agile Coaching Foundations - Block 1 Workshop Deutsch 28.–30.01.2019 Wien € 2.090,00 -- book
Training AgilePM Foundation Deutsch 25.–27.02.2019 Berlin € 1.680,00 € 235,00 book

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