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Project meets culture™


"The much-quoted intangible dimension"

We are always hearing people involved in projects moan about culture, and wish the one they have to deal with were different. What is a 'culture', and what is it comprised of? How is a culture formed? How do we observe a culture, and how can we change it? What needs are hidden by the way people behave?


Target audience

  • Workshop facilitators or moderators
  • Junior and senior project/programme/portfolio managers involved in all types of projects
  • Project, programme and portfolio offices
  • Change managers
  • Process managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Business analysts


Combining this method

Being able to understand, analyse and design culture accordingly puts a company at a great advantage. The benefits of this module can be exploited in any context.

Level Days Face-to-face training Languages
Foundation 2 1480.00 German

The cost of the manual required will be charged separately. All amounts exclude VAT at 20%.


This training course makes use of examples taken from everyday operations, and builds on theories relating to culture, management, facilitation, communication and coaching. The course covers:

  • Sources of culture
  • Comparison of external cultures using precise guidelines
  • Looking at your own project culture
  • Consolidating knowledge with use of the ABC cards
  • Classification according to the Iceberg model
  • Analysing the effect of guidelines
  • Establishing individual and corporate values
  • Symptoms of groups and counteractive measures
  • The principles of effective integration
  • Latest research findings
  • Communication as a key
  • The requirements of relationships
  • Incentives
  • Potential investment options













Edgar Schein's and Geert Hofstede's books are valuable sources of information.

We offer you a versatile support from inquiry of current state, consultations, implementation or re-energizing of project management in all characteristics to the selection of tools.

With a broad range of questions, checklists and tools we adress your task, acting as a failsafe for your projects and offer workshops for the practical implementation.

Fokus on the context! We deliver professional procedures for your content appropriate for your team. Initiating decisions and stabilize them.