The most crucial ressource iis systematically supplied. In our trainings (presence/virtual) we impart contents of professional methods understable and practical.

We offer you a versatile support from inquiry of current state, consultations, implementation or re-energizing of project management in all characteristics to the selection of tools.

With a broad range of questions, checklists and tools we adress your task, acting as a failsafe for your projects and offer workshops for the practical implementation.


  • Demotion
  • The needs of individual
  • System analysis
  • Conflicts
  • Limbic behaviour
  • Challenging existing paradigms
  • Constructive communication
  • Overcoming barries
  • The needs of the organisation
  • Transaction games

Project coaching

  • Reviews
  • Using retrospect
  • Teamwork
  • Servant Leadership
  • Heavily practice-oriented
  • Ensuring project success
  • Kanban development

Your leverage effects


If you examine your patterns and want to find new ways you need coaching! With different methods we support you in finding a relaxed way in your future.

The methods we use descend from transactional analysis, systemic approaches including the system board, ROMPC, Free the Limbic, logosysnthesis, DSDM, Kanban and a range of additional specific psychological interventions. In all area solely approved experts will be at your service. Appraisal interview, social aspects and communication will get to new depthness and conflicts can be solved.


Our Coachings offer you 5 advantages at once:

  • Broad variety of approaches lead to a wide range of suitable applications
  • Experience quickly lead to higher effectiveness und efficiency.
  • We are your “Insurance” for new or critical tasks
  • Focus-Workshops enable sustainable practical application 
  • Extensive rearrangement of adequate procedures




Fokus on the context! We deliver professional procedures for your content appropriate for your team. Initiating decisions and stabilize them.


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